Diego Rotman is a Seniorbook_cover-the yiddish stage as a temporary home Lecturer, researcher, multidisciplinary artist, and curator. His research focuses on performative practices as related to local historiography, Yiddish theater, contemporary art and folklore and research creation projects. Since July 2019 he is the Head of the Department of Theater Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In March 2021 De Gruyter Rotman published The Yiddish Stage as a Temporary Home – Dzigan and Shumacher’s Satirical Theater (1927-1980), translated by Rebecca Wolpe. The book, in its Hebrew version published by Magnes University Press in 2017 was the recipient of the 2019 Shapiro Award for the Best Book in Israel Studies. Together with Lea Mauas, Rotman edited the book The Ethnography Department of the Museum of the Contemporary, which was published in 2017 by the Underground Academy Press and distributed by Magnes Press. In 2017 he was, together with Mauas, the recipient of the Israeli Minister of Culture for Visual Artists. In 2014, co-edited  with Ronen Eidelman and Lea Mauas He'ara: Independent Art in Jerusalem at the Beginning of the 21st Century . Diego's Master's thesis (written in Yiddish) about the Yiddish te'ater in Israel 1948-2003 and his Ph.D. were written under the supervision of Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem and Prof. Yechiel Szeintuch. 

In 2000,  Rotman and  Mauas founded the Sala-manca Group, which is active in contemporary art, performance and public art. The Group published the art periodical He'arat shulayim and curated and produced the He'ara Contemporary Art Events. In 2009, they founded the Mamuta Art and Research Center, today based at the Hansen House, Jerusalem, as a center for research, production, and presentation of art.

[Dzigan and Shumacher painting by Adi Kaplan and Shahar Carmel]

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