All the art projects were done as part of the Sala-manca Group (Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman)

2021 | Yiddish Silence, video doc., 10 minutes.

2017-2018 | The Dybbuk 1937-2017 (Yiddish with English, Hebrew/Rumanian subtitles), In collaboration with Adi Kaplan, Shahar Carmel and the conductor Ido Shpitalnik, Israel Festival 2018; Timisoara European Capital of Culture 202; Jerusalem Film Festival 2017. 

2015 | The Monologues of the Usher (Hebrew/English), Jerusalem Film Festival. 

2013-2016 | The Story of Batya M.: The Return Home (Hebrew, Spanish, English), House of the Artists, Musrara, Jerusalem; Private House, Buenos Aires. 

2012 | The Passion of Joao Delgado, The Museum of the Contemporary, Mamuta, Ein Karem. 

2008| West und Ost – a film translation, Tate Modern London in the frame of No Soul for Sale (2010); PFA (Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley) (2009); DOX (Prague) (2012); Jerusalem Film Festival (2012); Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2010), Metula Poetry Festival, Israel (2005). 

2006 | The Story of Batya M., International Street Theater, Bat-Yam. 

2005 | Elephants in the Nights of Metula, Metula Poetry Festival; The Neighbor’s Next Door Festival (2005), Warsaw, Poland; Belfast Exposed, Ulster University, Belfast (2006); Forum Stadt-Park, Graz, Austria (2006); NYU, New York (2006); The Upgrade International, Eyebeam, New York (2005), Blurrr 5- Biennale of Performance Art, (2005); Jewish Film Festival, 2005; 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies (2017). Text by Avraham Sutzkever. 

2004 |, Metula Poetry Festival; 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies (2017). Texts by Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Tal Nizan. 

2003-2006 | Albatros 2003, Three Colts Gallery (London); Khan Theater (Jerusalem). Text by Leyeles, Yankev Glatshteyn, Anna Margolin. 

2002-2003 | Concrete Responses I and II, Three Colts Gallery (London), Video Bardo Performance Festival, Buenos Aires; Bamat Meitzag, Tel Aviv. 

2001 | Potiomkin Village – A Reconstruction of a Never Performed Performance, Hazira Theater (Jerusalem). 

2000-2001 | Meditations of a Queen in Exile, Hazira Theater, Jerusalem; Bikurei Haitim, Tel Aviv.