Ronen Eidelman

Dr. Ronen Eidelman is an artist, graphic designer, and researcher from Jerusalem. His research focuses on surveillance, technology and society, public spaces, digital culture, contemporary art, and the relationship between them.


Ronen received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. His Thesis focused on public space, security, control, and surveillance technologies. He received his Master’s degree, from the Public Art and New Artistic  Strategies Program at the University of Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany.  

Ronen is the founder and co-editor of Erev-Rav, the leading art and culture magazine in Hebrew. He works as a graphic designer, mainly for the cultural and non -profit sectors. He has founded and edited a number of magazines, journals, and political and artistic books. He has produced and created many events and projects that link culture and politics, as well as the creation of independent projects in the public space, and he has participated as an artist in exhibitions and festivals worldwide,

Today, as part of a postdoctoral study in the Department of Theater at the Hebrew University, Ronen is utilizing art-based methods to research ways to reveal the dangers inherent in surveillance systems as well as their positive potential, and the possibilities of art and culture to create a deeper understanding of the surveillance society we live in.