Ruth Danon


Ruth Danon is a musician and sound researcher. She is currently an MA student in the Cultural Studies program in the Hebrew University. Ruth is interested in the embodied knowledge sound can afford, in the perforated subject it establishes, one who is open to the world, constantly sounding and resounding. Her project in the Owl Lab has to do with listening practices to ambient psycho-acoustic sound environments, a project she is currently also researching as part of her MA thesis, which she is completing under the guidance of Prof. Amit Pinchevski.

In 2019, Ruth released her solo album “What Was Left Unsaid,” which included electronically arranged songs in Hebrew (produced with Shai Lewinstein and released under the Kame’a Music Label). She composes music for theatre, cinema, and radio, performs as a singer, flautist, and keyboard player in several ensembles, and edits and hosts a bi-weekly radio show on alternative music station KzRadio. She has taken part in the prestigious U.S State Department artist residency program OneBeat, as well as in the follow-up initiative OneBeat Echo, and in the European program Sound Development City, and is currently part of the Noise Agency artist residency program in Tel Aviv.


1 - Solo album: What Was Left Unsaid. (Kame’a, 2019)

Live video:

2 - Sound Development City (Riga, Latvia - Helsinki, Finland, 2014)

An imagined journey between Tel Aviv and Beirut takes place out of place, between Riga and Helsinki. (Video, sound recordings, texts, images).


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